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Information About Lumbar Puncture (LP) You Need to Know

Lumbar puncture or lumbar puncture is a procedure of taking cerebrospinal and spinal fluid. This procedure is done by sticking a needle into the spinal opening in the lower back. Lumbar puncture procedures are usually used for examining diseases of the brain and spinal cord, such as meningitis or multiple sclerosis. This procedure can also be done to insert drugs directly into the brain or spinal cord. LP can be done on adults, infants, and children. However, patients who are pregnant, are allergic to drugs, or who are taking certain medications, such as blood-thinning drugs, need to inform their doctor before performing this procedure. Purpose and indication of lumbar puncture (LP) The lumbar puncture procedure can be done as a method of diagnosis or treatment. Following are some of the objectives of this procedure: Taking cerebrospinal fluid samples to detect a disease. See the pressure inside the head cavity and spine. Inserting drugs into the nervous system, such as drugs
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Bipolar Disorders in Children, These Symptoms and Causes

Just like adults, children can also experience psychiatric problems. One of them is bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder in children is often not recognized by symptoms. In fact, if not immediately detected and treated, this condition can adversely affect the growth and development of children. Bipolar disorder that occurs in children can be seen from a change in mood that is very extreme and fast (mood swing). For example, a child with bipolar disorder can suddenly become very depressed, even though a few moments before were very happy. The patterns of behavior and emotions that children have tend to be unstable. There are phases where the child becomes difficult to manage, easily offended and angry, or even rebellious. In many cases, this is normal and is not a sign of psychiatric disorder. But in children with bipolar disorder, emotional and behavioral changes occur very easily, quickly, and are difficult to control. If left untreated, the condition can cause problems, for examp

This bloody bowel medicine according to the cause

Drug bleeding is important to treat this complaint. Defecation or bloody bowel movements are not matters that can be ignored or taken for granted. Because the appearance of blood in the stool or stool, can indicate a serious problem with your health. Therefore, you must immediately find out the cause and the right bloody bowel remedy for the condition. You can find blood when you wipe or wipe the anal area after a bowel movement, or when you want to water your stool. This complaint can be caused by various conditions related to the health of your digestive system. Causes of bloody bowel movements The appearance of blood in the stool, can indicate bleeding in one part of your digestive tract. Usually, bloody bowel movements can be characterized by stool accompanied by fresh blood or blackish color. Bright red stools are often caused by: Fissura ani. Bowel polyps or colon cancer. Hemorrhoids. Infection in the intestine. Abnormalities in blood vessels. Inflammatory bowel